Salmon Fishing
The Fraser River is the migration route for millions of Salmon every year. Providing the opportunity to fish for all five species of Salmon, The Fraser River and its tributaries are a top North American destination to fish for Salmon. We use many different methods to fish for Salmon, depending on which species we are targeting. These methods include bar fishing, casting spoons, spinners and jigs.


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Chinook (Spring, King)

Chinook Salmon are the largest of the five species, and range from fifteen pounds to over fifty pounds. These are powerful fish, and can peel a lot of line very fast. These runs start in late spring and last till late fall. The two main methods to fish for Chinook are bar fishing and plunking from the boat.
Sockeye Salmon range from five to twelve pounds and are considered to be the “best table fare” of all the Salmon.These fish are quite acrobatic, making them a lot of fun to catch for all ages. Retention for Sockeye Salmon varies from year to year, but usually happens during August. The main method to fish for Sockeye is spin fishing from boat or shore.
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Pink (Humpies)

Pink Salmon are the smallest and most abundant of all the Salmon species, and only run on the odd years, (2015, 2017, 2019, etc), and usually starts early September. Ranging from three to five pounds, don’t let their size fool you. Pink Salmon are aggresive and can put up a great battle for their size. Fishing for pinks is a great fishery for all ages and skill levels. The main method to fish for Pink Salmon is light spinning tackle with spoons, spinners or jigs, or fly fishing.
Coho Salmon start entering thr Fraser River and its tributaries in mid September and last till late November. Ranging from five to twelve pounds, and sometimes up to eighteen pounds, these fish can put up an exciting fight, with many airial jumps and long, quick runs. The main method for fishing Coho Salmon is spin casting with lures and spoons, and fly fishing too. Bar fishing is also an option.
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Coho (Silvers)

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Chum (Dog)

Chum Salmon range from eight to twenty pounds, with a few exceeding the mid twenties. Fishing for Chum Salmon usually starts early October and can last till mid November. These fish are powerful and aggresive and will test you as it’s not uncommon to hook up to twenty or more fish per angler in a single outing. The main method for Chum Salmon fishing is float fishing with jigs, fly fishing, and spin fishing lures.

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